Casual Competitive Games

Welcome to the world of marshmallows who are fighting over golden donuts! Blast, slap and bubble up your opponents, hop, dash and fly away to safety, and take the championship in this fast-paced battle of Warshmallows!

One arena, up to four players, one winner. Blow up your friends and avoid getting hit – you can shoot and slap, hop and dash, fly away and maneuver with automatic slow motion. That’s all you need for hours and hours of manic laughter!

Play Warshmallows online, local, FFA, 2v2, 1v1, custom lobby, with friends, against bots, or versus players from all around the world to show them who’s the boss.

Team Building Games

The Infinite Loop is a corporate VR team building game centring around problem solving, puzzles and effective communications. Participants are split into teams and take on the role of white hat hackers trying to save someone trapped in virtual reality. By splitting their attention between reality and the virtual world, each team must pass on information efficiently, solve clues and rescue the missing person as quickly as possible.

This VR team building game utilises a VR headset to truly test the communication skills of attendees and promote effective collaboration. Whilst one member of each team wears the VR headset and relays information, the other participants utilise specialist resources and this newfound information to solve puzzles, unlock doors and get closer to finding the missing person. With two levels, one more difficult than the other, this corporate VR team building game is sure to promote organisational unity through healthy competition, particularly as each team’s progress is displayed on a main screen for all attendees to see.


An emergency is unfolding downtown; players learn that all the animals in the city zoo have
escaped! Their mission is to form highly efficient crack squads to track them down. Armed only
with their personal device, players scan a QR code and get ready for action. Teams navigate a
parallel world using augmented reality, find the escapee animals and return them to safety.
Players are assigned specialist roles and access to walkie-talkie channels integrated into their
app. Only well-coordinated cross-functional communication will save the day! Safari is ‘social
distance ready’ and can be played across any outdoor environment.

Space Quest – virtual team building 

While preparing themselves to go back to earth after launching new satellites, a group of astronauts got stuck in the international space station. Who will get them out of it? How the game works The team should go through a sequence of entryways that are locked with a puzzle. For each entryway, one team member can see the spaceship, and the others have data to assist them with opening the entryway. Jobs switch consequently as they complete one puzzle and move to the following. The more the team sees the advancement of their scores on the screen the more the competition becomes interesting.